About DSW


  • Excellence in the provision of administrative leadership and counseling services to students at the Institute.
  • Promotion of educational and administrative support to all structures of the Institute.


  • To provide leadership, social, extra-curricular and academic counseling programs to all students.
  • To challenge students to become responsible and productive citizens of society.
  • To support the Institute’s educational and administrative goals.


  • Facilitate to conduct  various extra-curricular activities of  the students.
  • Facilitate various student club activities.
  • Provide carrier advisory services.
  • Provide counseling services to students with academic and social problems.
  • Provide necessary alumni functions.
  • Perform the role of  proctor.
  • Provide residential hostel facility to the students.

Facilitate to conduct  various co-curricular activities of  the students: 

  • Nobin Boron
  • Bosonto Fest
  • Halt Prize Event Organizing
  • Inter Department Games and Sports
  • Inter University Cultural Fest
  • Rag Day

Facilitate various student club activities:

  • Computer Club
  • Career Club
  • Robotics Club
  • Drama and Film Club
  • Debate Club
  • Literature and Cultural Club
  • Moto MIST Club
  • Aeronautical Club
  • Ethonovon Club
  • Environment Club
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